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Cheating Incident at Sands Casino

Cheating is a constant and ever looming threat for casinos. Over the years, canadian online casinos – 2017’s top online casinos in Canada – have reported over a thousand incidents of cheating. This is an alarming number considering the large amount of security casinos have in place to combat such activities.

Management at casinos are always on the lookout for players who might not play a fair game while with them. But many times players are not caught or caught after many incidents of cheating at games. Such an incident happened at Sand Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Caught after 47

Sands CasinoThese are 47 incidents of cheating by the man who was finally caught by casino authorities. Telvil Destin from the state of New York was playing a game of blackjack at the Sands Casino when the dealer at the table got suspicious that something wasn’t right. He suspected that Destin might be adding more chips to his wagers even after the dealing of the cards. This prompted the casino management to check the surveillance feed to confirm the suspicions. But the shocking thing for the casino management was to find that not only their suspicions were correct but the same thing had happened previously on 46 occasions as well.

The tapes showed Destin adding chips to the hands he thought were favourable during the blackjack game and he also removed chips from hands that were not as good and didn’t stand a winning chance. This was mentioned in the news release by the police. Destin was charged with theft and the case is ongoing under a district judge. Along with whatever punishment is doled out to him, he might also have to pay back money he might have won at the Sands Casino during those cheating incidents.

About Sands Casino

Sand Casino is a big establishment with a resort and option for fine dining. It is a popular place for casino games and entertainment in Pennsylvania and is visited by people from all over the United States and other places. However unfortunate, this was but a small cheating incident compared to what goes on at big casinos all over the world.