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Gambling Addiction Causes Affleck and Jennifer Garner to Split

Rumours floating through tinsel town about talented Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck’s relationship with leading actress Jennifer Garner reveal rocky times for the couple. The seemingly happily married celebrity couple have been putting up a farce as sources recently made public the ‘crisis’ the hot couple is currently going through.

ben affleck-jenniferThe latest whispers uncover that one of the major issues in the relationship is husband Ben’s addiction to gambling and late night games at casinos. Apart from which the handsome man’s attraction to pretty women might be a source of contention as well.

Ben under pressure

Under constant pressure to maintain a positive public image and present a poster married couple, Ben and Jen have made the best to keep all sour notes under wraps and within the walls of their home. Though a close source has exposed Jen’s true sentiment toward her philandering husband whose need to gamble is no secret to fans whatsoever.

With a lot of issues under his belt, stories of drug and gambling addictions trail Ben in Hollywood. Caught in the act more than once, Ben finds himself reliving past marriage troubles with his need to gamble and spend time with girls the likes of Emily Ratajkowski and Blake Lively.

However, since the couple was seen to be deep in love at recent screening of Ben’s latest movie release in Gone Girl, rumours of an imminent split certainly seem bizarre and misplaced.

Is divorce on the table?

Despite the entire hullabaloo surrounding this powerful couple, a gossip website post let readers know that the couple is not looking at divorce and intend to work things through.

Wed in 2005, Ben and Jen have three children and are working on their marriage. Be it at the table or at home, Ben seems to be in the game and playing it rather well, though we hope for the sake of his family, he doesn’t get in over his head and lose sight of all that’s important.