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Victory Was Never So Sweet

As every online venture across the web begins to embrace and intertwine itself with social media, gaming has begun to take the same path. BetVictor Poker is taking a unique approach to this idea by designing an Achievements Program that is devoted exclusively to their members and linked with social media outlets of all kinds. […]

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Native casinos seeking traction in Canada

Canada has 15 native-owned casinos. They operate under several different models. Ontario has a centralized system in which tribal members share the revenue generated at the Orilla, Ontario Casino Rama facilities. Saskatchewan has several native-owned casinos. All the casinos except for thoe in British Clumbia feature some form of revenue partnership, according to Yale Beringer, […]

Online Gambling Sees Growth in Canada

Canada has seen a steady growth in online gambling over the years. Online gambling sites first entered the Canadian community during the 1990s. Though they did become immensely popular, this all happened pretty much without the enthusiasm or support of any provincial or federal government. In fact, it could be argued the governing bodies did […]

Curacao Casino Had No License

Each and every casino, whether they are land-based or based online, needs to have a license for the countries they operate in. The license ensures that they are abiding by the rules set forth within their country. The Curacao Chronicle recently reported that Global Stars, an online casino, was operating without a license. They had […]


GLI Opens A 21St Location

On September 10, GLI will open a new location in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The company has had no choice but to open yet another location as the demand for their services have been increasing significantly over the past several years. Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) is the world’s leading technical consultancy firm and game testing […]


Become A Blackjack Pro (The Easy Way…)

What is an anchor, how do I signal I need another card? If these are some of the Blackjack questions you need answers to, but just don’t have time to read through an entire book, then there is a solution. Casino UK’s ever popular “The Ultimate Guide to Blackjack” has a new edition to its […]

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