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Slot Machines to Be Linked Across State Lines

Want more chances to win jackpots? You might get that opportunity soon. According to South Dakota’s Capitol Journal, certain progressive slot machines are going to be linked across state lines starting as early as February 2014.

progressive slot machineProgressive machines are games in which the jackpot increases a little with every game until somebody wins it. Usually many of the machines in a casino are linked together so that the jackpot will go up faster, and the increasing numbers are shown on a meter, raising the excitement of the game for everyone playing. Until now, though, the machines have usually been linked only in a small geographic area, which limits how fast the jackpot can rise. Beginning next year, though, some games will begin to be linked across state lines, which dramatically raises the number of people playing them at any one time. Gambling-scene leaders expect to see a large increase in the number of jackpots won.

So what’s it mean to you? While this is just being tested in the Dakotas, if it works well it will be good news for everybody that likes higher jackpots and higher chances of winning. Who can argue with that?