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Studio City: The Hollywood-Themed Casino

Melco Crown Entertainment is releasing its fifth casino—and it’ll be open in mid-2015. Grand spectacle offerings, world-class amenities, and boosted commerce for surrounding businesses can all be expected.

A Middle Class Focus and Reinventing the Industry

Studio-CityStudio City is fresh, it’s new, and its classic. Such a mix doesn’t come easily, and the establishment’s futuristic, Hollywood-themed design will likely accommodate for such an interesting proposal. The casino, identifying vacationing Chinese citizens as its primary market, has taken a firm stance upon supplying the middle class with casino accessibility.

The Macau gambling industry suffered economic losses in 2014 due to anti-corruption policies imposed by President Xi Jinping. These implementations curbed high-roller frequents in Macau, forcing the local industry to either adapt or perish.

Studio City, it seems, provides the breath of fresh air Macau needs. Its star attractions feature family-friendly activities, and its lucrative environment is only supplemented by:

  • Asia’s highest Ferris wheel
  • A two-hotel-tower resort
  • Establishments inspired by Gotham City
  • Virtual-reality rides

High Cost, High Accessibility

The staggering, $3.2 billion complex is surprisingly affordable for both locals and travellers. Its 1600 hotel rooms, 400 gambling tables, and surrounding nightclub have been tailored to middle-class citizens and its wide audience more than makes up for such expenses.

Studio City promises a gaming industry world-first achievement. It’s capitalization of Chinese vacation industries has granted Studio City critical acclaim within Macau—and its innovative design holds industry-reinventing potential. The area’s economy will likely prosper, too, as it’s needed such an inclusion for some time.