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Three Major Hotels and Resorts Open in Las Vegas

The beauty of Las Vegas is that it is ever changing. Even though most of the iconic Las Vegas Strip establishments are not going anywhere, the rest of the city is always evolving. There are new hotels, gambling centers, and other entertainment sites popping up every few months.

Hotels and Resorts in LATimes were tough for Vegas from the period between 2009 and 2011. The economic recession meant that people were not willing to spend as much on gambling and other activities. However, there has been a real resurgence, with revenues almost back to the “pre-recession” levels. More profits usually means new hotels and resorts opening up. Here is a look at three of the best openings from 2014.

The Cromwell –

There was a time when The Cromwell was looked at in a very unfavorable light. It was an unattractive area where low budget gambling could take place. However, a major revamp took place over the past couple of years. This area has been completely transformed. It is now one of the most beautiful establishments in Vegas.

The Delano

When the idea was first pitched to complete upgrades on the hotel at Mandalay Bay, a lot of people were skeptical. After all, there was nothing wrong with that hotel and resort. But now that The Delano has opened, there is no question that renovating was the right decision.

The Delano can be thought of as the quieter, classier alternative to the Mandalay Bay. Renovations cost upwards of $80 million, but they have been worthwhile considering the revenue being generated by this establishment.

SLS Las Vegas

Grand occasions are the best way for Vegas establishments to announce their arrival, and the SLS Las Vegas did not disappoint. It was on Labor Day that the SLS decided to open its doors, with over 4,000 people attending a massive party to check out the $500 million project.