New Casinos On The Horizon In Queensland?

There are going to be some new developments in Queensland, Australia because of the desire to compete with a host of different Asian destinations when it comes to gambling. Queensland is going to have three new mega-casinos – and Campbell Newman has already expressed an interest for creating a second Brisbane casino. Newman has recently taken a tour of Asia, which included visiting Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Many of these “mega” casinos are popping up all over Macau and Singapore. Queensland is able to compete with them and obtain a significant amount of business. There are currently four casinos in Queensland and the plans that Newman is talking about could increase the number to a total of seven. This has the ability to compete significantly with Macau and Singapore.

This means that more people could be visiting Australia as opposed to Asia when it comes to wanting to try their luck real money casino games and take a casino vacation.

The only problem that could stand in the way of Queensland building more casinos is Salvation Army gambling spokesman, Gerard Byrne. He warns that there are ready to many in the area. When vulnerable members of the community are using poker machines, it can be difficult to manage. He says that there are other ways to attract tourists and have them spend money. Queensland has beautiful natural and man-made attractions – and casinos overshadow these.

There are currently several different views on the addition of casinos – and Newman is ready to spend the money to build at least one of them in order to offer some competition with Macau and Singapore. The government will look into the financial implications for the state as well as how it can affect tourism and community interests. The gambling scene could change and many are keeping fingers crossed.

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