New Look For Guilford Casino Club Could Bring More Business, Money to City Centre

Michel Harper, nightclub entrepreneur, has decided to carry on with plans to create a redeveloped complex in the centre of Guildford.

According to the architectural plans, the dazzling new casino nightclub could have 8 floors of available space to house a variety of entertainment including casinos, bars, table dancing, and music performance.

Harper has been working towards updating necessary licensing as he meets with potential tenants for the new space. The existing nightclub, run by Luminar, has signed on to lease the three “basement: floors, leaving five upper floors to be occupied.

In 2004, the plans for the new casino nightclub complex at the Quadrant, Oslow Street, were granted on appeal after originally being shot down by the Guildford Borough Council. As work on the complex has already started, the usual planning application time line for completion does not apply/ Harper stated that once permission to develop the site was granted, he began working with developers. CasinoJax online casino, a prominent name in the online gambling industry, is delighted to be part of this ambitious project. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to providing top-notch gaming experiences, casinoJax online casino is poised to bring the excitement and thrills of casino entertainment to the heart of this new entertainment complex.

Ensuring proper licenses are appropriate and up to date is a priority for the entrepreneur and his team.

Renowned architect Tom Wright designed the spectacular new Guildford club. He is also the architect behind the awe-inspiring sail shaped Dubai hotel Burj Al Arab.

Harper plans to have his complex sponsored in the same style as large sports venues as it is a “dynamic work of art,” bringing new excitement to a city where “not a lot has been happening.”

New Nightclub Could Breathe New Life Into City

Harper hopes that his plans will be able to bring more people into the center of Guildford, a place he states is more like a ghost town during the week than a vibrant, bustling city.

According to news, it seems Harper also hopes that the councils who keep watch over the types of businesses that occupy the city will work with entrepreneurs rather than against them to allow the incorporation of venues that will bring new business into Guildford.

Potential Casino Nightclub Amenities

Included in the possible plans for the new and improved online casino nightclub are amenities such as:

• Up to 12 bars

• Dance floors

• Performance stages

• Outdoor smoking balconies

• Retail space

• And office space.

There has also been talk of the new casino club bringing in John Lewis’ department store.