Victory Was Never So Sweet

As every online venture across the web begins to embrace and intertwine itself with social media, gaming has begun to take the same path. BetVictor Poker is taking a unique approach to this idea by designing an Achievements Program that is devoted exclusively to their members and linked with social media outlets of all kinds. Their community of gamers is being linked in with the worldwide community of social media outlets in order for players to get the most possible out of their gaming experience.

Make the Most Our of Every Game

The BetVictor Club Community and the Free Play League can have access to the Achievement Program, allowing them to get offers and deals that are not available through any other means. This program works with badges and points in order to increase the standings of members who are engaged. The Achievement Program tracks the winnings and progress of members in a variety of online games that include Club programs and cash games. Within these arenas, there are certain tasks that must be completed in order for players to acquire points and earn badges. The tasks cover a huge range of activities such as passing Club quizzes and winning certain games with distinct hands. For instance, players can increase their standings by taking home a hand with a royal flush.

Friends Find You

Once you have earned a badge or built up your points to a certain level, you can share your awards on Facebook and Twitter. On top of letting the world know how well you are doing, you also receive bonus points for sharing online. The points that players earn can be redeemed in a variety of ways, including free bets, spins, cash, and other elements related to casino games, poker rooms, and BetVictor Sports. Another benefit of the program is having the ability to refer friends in exchange for great rewards. This system is also tied into social media. Referring friends is as simple as having the individual visit the website by clicking on one of your badges. BetVictor already has enjoyed a huge amount of success prior to this program thanks to games such as Blaze Cash, Victor’s Wheel, and Blazing Cannon.