Playing the Points Systems

In addition to big cash payouts, the online gaming networks are utilizing point systems and player bonuses in bigger ways than they ever have in the past. The winter tournaments and promotions that are being rolled out all over the world are compelling proof of this trend. One online poker venue to take this kind of approach to gaming very seriously is Juicy Stakes. With the close of the year, Juicy Stakes is offering players the chance to be happy with a grand prize of $20,000 that is going to the leading Frequent Player Points (FPP) gathers in the Rake Race.

Simply Play

By playing their online casino and poker games, people can rack up FPPs and automatically be enrolled in the contest. There is no registration required to get in on the action that comes with the Juicy Stakes Rake Race. Prior to this event, the possible winnings for this event were considerably lower. However, Juicy Stakes saw it fit to double the grand prize from $10,000 to $20,000. In addition to the much larger money at stake, this event will give players the chance to take home $5,000 worth of total prizes. These winter-time goodies will be distributed amongst the top 100 players in the game.

Excitement Every Day of the Week

Juicy Stakes experiences a large amount of success in the online gaming world for reasons other than automatic benefits thanks to points systems. They consistently run special games every day of the week where the potential is big for players. On Sundays, gamers can potentially win $17,500. These kinds of weekly tournaments come with big money and a small fee for a seat at the gaming table. Players only need to produce $130 in order to get in on all the action.

All Skill Levels Welcome

Players also love to make their way to Juicy Stakes thanks to the versatility of gaming rooms and the benefits offered to betting beginner players. Anyone registering for the very first time will be granted a 200 percent bonus for their first deposit. Additionally, the cash tables have buy-ins that go from one penny to games suited exclusively for experienced, high-rolling players.